Public Works Department

The Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Public Works Department is a multi-faceted program, which provides service delivery on many different levels and in several areas.  The Dept. employs 1 Manager / Operator, 2 Operator Labourers, and as many casual labourers that may be required at any given time. The tasks given to the dept require knowledge in several areas. Everything from heavy duty equipment and maintenance, automotive repair, small engines, carpentry, plumbing, minor electrical, and computer programs. Not only is this knowledge is used to carry out the daily required tasks, but it is also used to build quality relationships with other Brokenhead Ojibway Nation departments and programs. These partnerships lead to special projects, such as parking lot development, or specific services such as septic pump outs.

The Public Works program thrives on its ability to consistently learn and grow in its abilities to meet every challenge that it faces.

The responsibilities of the dept are very broad and change slightly with the season.

Tasks like road maintenance are year round, but others like grass cutting, snow removal, and flood prep are dependent on their particular season. Other tasks that are included under public works are burial prep, BON building maintenance, and septic pump outs, just to name a few.