Jordan’s Principle Program

Jordan’s Principle Program is an opportunity for every child to receive the resources and supports they need to help them thrive and flourish in their home and community.  This is accomplished by coordinating local resources, accessing provincial resources and creating and developing new and unique resources to meet the individual needs of each child.

Based upon feedback from the community, the following services have been developed to respond to the needs of BON’s youth:

Coordination and delivery of services for each child:

  • Initial assessment by social work
  • Resource development, coordination and delivery
  • On-going evaluation of effectiveness of services.

Child Development services

  • Provision of clinical services including mental health, behavioral, speech language, occupational therapy, music therapy and physiotherapy
  • Screening clinics
  • Drop ins
  • In home respite coordination

Child & Youth Advocate

  • Intense support and coordination for complex family situations
  • Program development and consultation/advisory role with other organizations

Youth Support

  • Individual and group recreation/social opportunities for youth to provide respite, social skill development and recreational activities
  • Mentorship and monitoring for youth requiring emotional support and guidance

Youth Recreation Services

  • Leadership training
  • Recreational programming seven days per week
  • Youth employment opportunities

Land-Based Education

  • Opportunities for youth and students to learn traditional, land based activities such as medicine picking, harvesting, hunting, etc.

Cultural Services

  • Spiritual supports and ceremonies
  • Cultural teachings and activities such as drumming, tipi teachings, art and sewing

Food Sustainability

  • Food available to youth through recreation programs
  • Hampers available to families on request
  • Breakfast program through Alternative Ed
  • Food delivery to families isolating due to covid


  • Transportation provided to youth in order to ensure easy access to services within BON

Covid Community Supports

  • Daily monitoring of all isolators
  • Provision of supplies including cell phones

Development of Community Resources

  • Playground was created
  • Skating rink in process
  • Development of local trails for teachings and preservation of historical data

Individualized Special Requests

  • Five properties so far approved for fencing to provide safety for youth with diagnosed special needs
  • Adaptive equipment such as bikes
  • Educational Assistants, Support Workers for ELCC Programs, etc.

Community Events and Training

  • Family Fun Days & Winter Festivals
  • Anishinaabe Language Workshops
  • Lateral Violence Workshops, etc,