EAST – Income Assistance

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Income Assistance is now located at the EAST Resource Centre. Income Assistance is a program for individuals who are unable to meet their financial needs and is a program of last resort. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the First Nations Income Assistance Program Policy and Procedures Guide developed by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Eligibility Procedures require all applications to be verified with other administering authorities or the province of Manitoba to determine eligibility and may not be processed the same day.

Requirements for application
  • Must be 18 years of age or over
  • Prove there is a financial need
  • Must be a resident of BON
  • Provide all identification such as a copy of MB Health card, Status card, Birth Certificate, Social Insurance Number, Drivers Licence, etc.
  • Copy of previous years income tax (notice of assessment)
  • Copy of a 60 day bank statement
  • Copy of tenancy agreement
  • Provide a copy of recent employment (Record of Employment and last two pay stubs)
  • Last current hydro bill
  • Book an appointment with receptionist at 204-766-2850
Client Responsibilities
  • Notify Income Assistance office of any changes that may affect your budget such as:
    • change of address,
    • addition/subtraction of applicants,
    • health reasons or any
    • earned/unearned income
  • Employable clients are expected to take training employment when requested and/or volunteer or attend school. They are required to fill out pursuing employment sheet due 20th of each month.
  • Hydro bills a copy must be handed in by the 20th of each month to ensure proper payments.
  • Declaration of Income must be submitted monthly from any employment such as:
    • full time
    • part time/casual
    • contract
  • Home visits may be given to determine accurate living situations.

Head of Households responsibilities will include communicating any applicants moving in or out of the household. Its the head of households responsibility to read the meter, if the meter is not read Hydro will charge a fee of $50.00 this will be deducted from your basic needs as this fee is ineligible under program policy.

Income Assistance Categories

There are three income assistance categories: Economic, Health and Social.

The economic category pertains to persons who lack sufficient financial resources to provide for basic needs due to unemployment or to inadequate income from employment, training allowances benefits (for example, Employment Insurance or other source).

The health category pertains to persons who lack sufficient financial resources to provide for basic needs due to a physical or mental illness incapacity or disorder that is likely to continue for more than 90 days (medical assessment provided by licensed physician).

The social category pertains to persons who lack sufficient financial resources to provide for basic needs due to family responsibilities or circumstances.


Pro-ration is determined by a formula from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada that takes into consideration the number of people living in a household who are eligible and not eligible for income assistance.

This pro-ration amount determines how much income assistance program can pay towards eligible shelter and shelter-related costs. Pro-ration may not cover all shelter and shelter-related costs based on other individuals residing in the household who are not eligible for Income Assistance.


Work Opportunity Project (WOP): Eligible Income Assistance recipients may participate in a Work Opportunity Program (WOP) Project for up to 12 months. It’s a project that benefits the recipient and the employer by subsidizing costs to the employer up to the individual’s basic needs and assists the recipient with continued payments to their shelter and shelter-related costs. Employers apply for the WOP before the recipients starts employment.

Aboriginal Social Assistance Recipient Employment Training (ASARET): A project that assists eligible Income Assistance recipients who are participating in skills training with the Aboriginal Skills Employment and Training (ASETS) Program under Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The ASETS Manager applies for an ASARET before the recipient starts their training course.

For more information on the eligible projects, please contact the Income Assistance Administrator.


1 Crane Lane
P.O. Box 180
Scanterbury, MB
R0E 1W0
Ph: 204-766-2850
Fax: 204-766-2753
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