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Political- Treaty and Aboriginal Rights

Leadership, Member, Staff Team Building– Dependent upon the issues and available funding, organize to have the appropriate Portfolio Councillor and or staff person (s) and where possible a member (s) accompany Chief to various meetings. Also, weekly itinerary will be provided to all council and Director of operations.

  • Treaty Days and Pow Wow- Shared by all Council
  • Gaming – South Beach Casino
  • BON Own Source Revenue Budgeting – Shared by all Council
  • Governance
  • Legal and Justice
  • List of Other Boards and Committees External of BON
    • Treaty One
    • Southeast Resource Development
    • Southern Network of Canada

Governance Assistant: Vacant

Christopher Kent


Allen (Sam) Hocaluk


Remi Olson

Wendell Sinclair Jr. (Ogimaa)

Lands, Resource and BON Business Department

Lead Councillor: Allen Hocaluk 

Support Councillor: Wendell Sinclair Jr. 

  • TLE and Lands
  • Environment Issues
  • Business, Entertainment Centre (VLT’s), Historical Village Site, BON Communications, Wavers, BON Store, BON Pharmacy, BON Grocery Store, BON Corporation
  • Tobacco and Fuel
  • New Businesses
  • High Speed Crow
  • Leases and Permits
  • Forestry Licenses Agreement
  • Economic Development

Management Team:

  • Bev Smith (acting)– Lands and Resource Manager
  • Vacant- Wavers/BON Store Manager
  • Brian Black – Entertainment Centre Manager
  • Brenda Greyeyes – Economic Development Manager
  • Angela Petrash – BON Corporation CEO

Health, Human and Education Department

Lead Councillor: Kevin Thomas –

Support Councillor: Christopher Kent

  • Social Development and Income Assistance
  • Child and Family Services
  • Health BFI an BHC, NNADAP, CHR, CHN, Home & Community Care, Headstart, Jordan’s Principal
  • Education
  • Daycare/Headstart
  • Sergeant Tommy Prince School
  • Youth and Elders
  • Employment and Training

Management Team:

  • Aleshia Desjarlais – Director of Health
  • Melodie Bowtell – Jordan’s Principal Manager
  • Jennifer BoultonSocial Services Manager
  • Brenda Greyeyes – E&T Manager
  • Vacant – Director of Education
  • Naomi Furlon – CFS Supervisor

Community Public Service Department

Lead Councillor: Christopher Kent

Support Councillor: Kevin Thomas

  • Public Works
  • Roads (local)
  • Maintenance
  • Water and Waste
  • Housing
  • Fire
  • First Nations Safety Officers (FNSO)

Management Team:

  • Marlene Smith (Acting)- Director of Housing
  • Vacant – Water and Waste Manager
  • Leonard (Chuck) Sinclair- Public Works Manager
  • Liza Moreau – First Nation Safety Officer (FNSO)
  • Ray Bear – Fire Department Manager

Administrative Service Department

Lead Councillor: Wendell Sinclair Jr.

Support Councillor: Allen Hocaluk

  • Finance – First Nations Financial Management, Operating Budget, Strategic Plan,
  • Human Resource Development – Policy
  • Membership
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Election Code
  • Governance Handbook
  • Organizational Review Recommendations

Management Team:

  • Jackie Pommer- Director of Operations
  • Gina Maxfield- Senior Finance Officer
  • Candace Cook- Finance Assistant
  • Bryanne Kent – Membership Clerk
  • Susan Fredborg- Human Resource Manager

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