In a historic move, the members of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (BON) have voted in favor of implementing the BON Election Law, choosing it over the First Nations Election Act. With over 80% participation, this decision marks an important step forward for self-governance and the preservation of traditional governance systems within the community.

By opting for the BON Election Law, which has been in the making for over two decades; the community has asserted its commitment to upholding its own cultural and political values. This law will enable BON to conduct their own elections and determine their leadership in accordance with their customs and traditions. The decision demonstrates a strong desire to maintain their unique identity and exercise their inherent rights as an Indigenous nation. This vote not only empowers the community but also serves as an inspiration for other First Nations seeking to assert their sovereignty and preserve their cultural heritage through self-determined governance.

Meegwetch to everyone who came out and voted in support of moving our community forward.


  • BON Election Law – 201
  • First Nations Election Act – 46

DRAW WINNERS (Prizes can be picked up at the Band Office):

  1. Randi Thomas
  2. Samantha Galvin
  3. Lauren Ballantyne
  4. Connie Chief
  5. Jennifer Desjarlais
  6. Nancy Lagimodiere
  7. Kevin Pangman
  8. Jason Greyeyes
  9. Lorrayne Cruz
  10. Cecil Olson