June 27, 2022

This notice is to all BON Members to advise that the Illegal drug By-Law signed August 15, 2019 remains in force and effect.

The BON Housing Authority has zero tolerance to the sale of illegal drugs or illegal activity within Band Homes that do not comply with this By-Law and can result in eviction, BCR for removal from the home, or Banishment. For more details on the enforcement please refer to By-Law 2019-08-15 that will be posted.

BON Chief and Council understand the challenges of dealing with addictions and also would like to provide the necessary resources that are available to BON Members for assistance with addiction to drugs. BON Chief and Council believe in providing our Members with the opportunities for healing. Please call the Administration Office at 204-766-2494 for more information or the Health Centre at 204-766-2740. In case of Emergency please contact our crisis line at 204-904-7380 for assistance.

BON Chief and Council understands that during the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increase in drug use and the selling of illegal drugs within our community. Our most vulnerable, our children, are the most impacted and we must take steps to protect them.

We have lost lives due to these illegal drugs within our community and we cannot continue to stand idle anymore and wait for another death of one of our relatives. We must take the necessary steps to begin the healing process for a healthy community.

We must stand together to offer the necessary resources to help our community, please if you know of anyone struggling please support them by coming forward and we will do our best to help. Our community deserves better and our collective Love is stronger than drugs.

BON Chief and Council