Work under the direction of the Director of Health in conjunction with other programs. To work towards prevention relation to health and wellness issues. Encourage, support and maintain the well-being of children, individuals, families and communities, supporting individual empowerment by advocating on behalf of families and the care of children in the human services. To improve the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social environment levels of health in the community. To empower the community to take an active role in programs, planning, development, implementation, evaluation and administration using a holistic approach. To increase individual and community awareness in prevention health for overall well-being. To establish a more coordinated and integrated delivery of health services. To promote, preserve and protect the treaty right of health.

Health Centre
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P.O. Box 88
Scanterbury, MB
R0E 1W0
Ph: 204-766-2740/ 866-327-1211
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