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Chief and Council would like to give notice of a couple incidents where strangers were trying to lure our young children into vehicles. We are currently investigating these incidents and have notified our security staff to monitor the community during these peak times and locations.

We are recommending parents get their children to practice the buddy system, where they always have a friend with them. Help your child learn to be aware of their surroundings; encourage them to trust their instincts if they have a bad feeling about a place or person go to a safe place or person immediately.

We must remind our kids what to do if approached by a stranger:

  • tell your child to avoid talking to strangers
  • make sure your child knows never to walk away with strangers
  • make sure your child understands that they should always tell you if a stranger approaches, and never to keep this secret

We want to ensure our children are safe and we need to work together as a community to ensure we do so.

To report any suspicious activity please contact our First Nation Safety Officers at (204)766-2222.

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