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A very important part of furnace maintenance is regularly changing your furnace filter.  This should be done every three months to maintain optimal performance.  Cold weather is on the way and to ensure your furnace is working well please change your furnace filter.

The photo above shows the difference between a clean and dirty filter.  Dirty filters create poor air quality and air flow.  They also can overheat the furnace motors causing unnecessary costly repairs and ultimately can become a fire hazard.

Home Hardware in Selkirk sells filters for $5.99/3pkg.  The cost of fixing a furnace because regular maintenance was not performed averages about $500.00.  These costs can be charged back to the tenant as regular maintenance is part of the responsibilities under your Occupancy Agreement.

If you are unable to visit Home Hardware please visit Shane at the Maintenance Shed and he can provide you with a new filter.

If you require assistance on how to change your furnace filter please contact the Housing Department at the Band Office at (204)766-2494.

Thank you.

Tracy Hallock
Housing Planning Coordinator
Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

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