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To:                        Residents of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Community
From:                   Chief & Council, Health Director, and Health Staff
Subject:               Gas Voucher’s for Confirmed Medical Appointments 
Date:                    March 19, 2020
Effective:            March 23, 2020- March 31, 2020

With the swift spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), BON health staff are taking all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of every individual residing within our Community.

Chief & Council has decided to re-instate vouchers for private vehicles to encourage self-transportation and personal safety for all confirmed medical appointments.

To receive a gas voucher, in advance, call the Health Centre and state the location (Selkirk or Winnipeg) with the name and number of your doctor to confirm your appointment. If further actions are needed, they will be directed through the phone.

Thank you for your co-operation during this pandemic, stay healthy.

BON Health Staff

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