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Today, BON has received information from Manitoba of it’s first confirmed positive case in the community.
The Health and Wellness team has started their protocols to complete contact tracing and monitoring and determining their supports and/or need for supports to manage during this time.
Currently there are 14 residents self-isolating and 1 positive confirmed cases.
Leadership would like to take this time to remind our family and friends of the basic fundamentals to prevent getting sick:
  • Wash you hands regularly with soap and water (or hand sanitizer if soap and water is not an option)
  • Stay home if you are sick (even with the mildest of symptoms)
  • Stay close to home and limit your physical interactions when needing to be in public by physically distancing yourself (minimum 6 feet)
  • Travel should only be limited to obtaining essential needs- such as accessing health care and grocery shopping. And when doing so, only one person from the household should be completing these tasks. If you are a caregiver of a child or individual with physical needs then only one caregiver should be assisting the person to access their essential needs
  •  Wear a mask in all public places and/or even in situations when you cannot physically distance yourself from others.
  • Call the Screening Tool is available in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) format. Call 1-877-308-9038. or you can also complete the online assessment at:
Individuals may be contacted who has been in contact with the individual who was tested positive. Due to the PHIA Act, Health and Leadership cannot provide any further information at this time, nor can we provide information related directly to the individual or circumstance of the individual.
More information will be provided in the next few days should the status of cases change.

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